Decentralized media

In the current ratings-based social media environment the most extreme, controversial, polarizing and outrageous posts tend to grab the most attention β€” and therefore dominate the conversation. The protocol offers an alternative paradigm where content creators can focus on making a positive impact and promoting civil discourse. Instead of focusing on getting the most β€˜likes,’ people will consider what they can contribute to the conversation. The protocol would also reduce the spread of misinformation on social media (without the need for social media platforms to censor or suspend anyone); misleading posts would simply get a low credibility score, while online trolls and bots would have little to no influence in the protocol due to their low (or negative) credibility.

Independent media will be able to make money by creating quality content, investigative journalism, and truly work in the public interest β€” instead of pushing outrageous and divisive content to get more ratings in the Attention Economy

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